Blooms Issue 2

In Issue 2 (April 2015)

  • Azalea
    Ring in spring with these showy shrubs. Meet some of the best varieties for your garden.
  • Cool-season plants
    Did you know there are some plants that not only tolerate frost, but actually look better with cold temperatures? Meet 8 colorful flowers that thrive in cool weather.
  • Your guide to spring garden cleanup
    Here’s everything you need to know to give your perennials the best start this spring.
  • Pulmonaria
    Beautiful early spring fl owers. Attractive summer foliage. This perennial is one every shade garden should have. Find out how to grow it in our guide.
  • Spring combos
    Bulbs, perennials and annuals combine beautifully in spring. Check out these ideas for sun and shade.
  • After daffodils bloom: What now?
    If you’ve grown daffodils, you know their foliage isn’t pretty after they bloom. Here are some ideas that let the leaves ripen as they need to while minimizing the ugly factor.
  • Pansies in a basket
    Freshen up your garden this spring with this charming hanging basket plan.

Blooms Issue 2


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