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Browsing Magazine Issues by Cover

Browsing issue covers is the easiest way to view an issue. Magazine issues are listed by their cover page, issue number, and month of release. Issues are grouped into their release year, also labeled by volume as shown below. Some other things you can do while browsing include:

  • See a subset of the magazine issues by decade by selecting the tab corresponding to the starting year of that decade.
  • Sort years/volumes from high-to-low Volume or low-to-high Volume by clicking the related button.
  • Filter out issues that are not yet accessible to your account by checking the option. Uncheck it to see all issues again.
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Viewing Magazine Issues

To view an issue, click or tap the issue cover. Your browser will load the first page of the issue into a magazine-like viewer.

Navigating Pages:

Flip through the issue by using the gray arrows on either side of the issue. You can also click and drag left/right from the top or bottom corners of a page (or swipe left/right across the middle of the page on touch-enabled devices) to change the page.

Site Options:

The Back button returns you to the web page that brought you to the issue you are viewing. The Download button will save a PDF version of the issue onto your computer. PDFs are best suited for offline viewing and contain higher-resolution images and text for printing.

Viewer Toolbar:
  • Zoom in/out of a page by using your mouse scroll wheel over the page , pinch-to-zoom & reverse on touch-enabled devices, or move the zoom slider up/down on the toolbar.
  • Search within the issue's full text for exact terms by typing in the box next to the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar.
  • Switch the viewer page layout from cover up, double-page spread to single-page scrolling layout.
  • Enter fullscreen mode for a fully immersive reading experience.
Device symbol reference:
Desktop viewer option Mobile viewer option

If you do not have access to all magazine issues, you will only see a preview of the issue. In that case, there will be options at the top of the screen that allow you to acquire access to additional issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I change my password?

    Click here to change your password. An email will be sent to the email address you give. You must have access to this email account in order to continue resetting your password.
  • When can I see the newest issue of Garden Gate magazine online?

    Garden Gate is a bi-monthly publication which means a new issue is available every other month. Typically, the digital version can be viewed 1-2 weeks before it arrives in print subscribers’ mailboxes.
  • I purchased a digital book. How do I access the book?

    Your digital book purchases are available on the “My Books” tab from the “Browse Books” page. You must be logged in to view this tab.
  • How do I access products I added to my shopping cart?

    You can view your shopping cart by clicking the icon that is located in the top right corner of the screen. The number above it indicates how many products are in your cart.