Blooms Issue 3

In Issue 3 (June 2015)

  • Zinnia
    For bright color, you can’t beat bold zinnias. Meet some of the best varieties for your garden.
  • Butterfly banquet
    Here’s a plan that’ll help you bring winged visitors into your garden all summer.
  • Astilbe
    The feathery plumes of astilbe are a great way to add color to a shade garden. Learn what they need to do their best and see several with different colors and bloom times.
  • Staking how-to
    Don’t let your favorite plants fall over just when they’ve hit their peak! We’ll show you which method of staking works best for different plants.
  • Shrub roses
    If you’ve avoided roses because they’re too much work, you’ll want to see these three series. Their long-blooming flowers, tidy habits and easy-going care will change your mind.
  • Daylily
    This perennial classic offers lots of options when it comes to color, bloom type, size and even timing. Once you see some of these beautiful blooms, you’ll be looking for sunny spots to add more daylilies this summer!
  • Ever so exuberant
    Billowy blooms and foliage make this showy container planting a summer standout.

Blooms Issue 3


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