Blooms Issue 8

In Issue 8 (April 2016)

  • Pinks
    Long-blooming and colorful, pinks add sparkle to any garden.
  • Do-it-all annuals
    These long-blooming fl owers will perform for months without much work on your part. Meet 8 must-haves.
  • Peony
    If you’re only familiar with the peonies your grandmother grew, you’re missing out. There are more colors and flower forms than ever. The good news is, they’re just as long-lived and easy to grow!
  • Mail-order know-how
    Learn the secrets to getting your mail-order treasures off to the best start.
  • Fragrant flowers
    These three beauties will have you stopping to smell the flowers all spring and summer.
  • Bring in the butterflies
    Attract more winged wonders around your patio with our exclusive garden plan.
  • Spring charm
    This pretty hanging basket will put color right at eye level all spring.

Blooms Issue 8


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