Blooms Issue 9

In Issue 9 (June 2016)

  • Your garden needs salvias
    Few plants are as versatile and easy-care as salvias. Meet three of our favorites.
  • Bumblebees
    Bumblebees are the gentle giants of the insect world. These fuzzy garden visitors are crucial for pollination, too. Learn how to attract them to your garden.
  • Clematis
    This classic vine is well-loved for its large showy flowers, but there are lots more than the classic purple blooms at left. See some options and find out how to grow all of them well in our guide.
  • Smart idea: Rain gardens
    Need to solve a drainage or runoff problem in your yard? This design may be the solution.
  • Summer combos
    Garden in need of a midsummer pick-me-up? Try these colorful pairings.
  • Feeding containers
    Fertilizer can make the difference between just OK and fantastic containers. Here’s how.
  • A masterpiece
    A sophisticated color combination and striking shape contrast make this container a must-have.

Blooms Issue 9


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