Garden Ideas Issue 2

In Issue 2 (February 2015)

  • Gourd Birdhouse
  • A garden full of great ideas
    Take a tour of this garden’s beds and borders and gather smart design tips and plant combinations you can take to your own yard.
  • Fabulous combos make a big splash in spring
    Guarantee early color every year when you plant this collection of plants.
  • Set a mood with color
    Whether you want to build energy or calm things down, learn how to match your color choices to the setting.
  • Hard-working fences
    Here’s some must-know advice for any gardener considering fencing options.
  • 5 tips to save you time & money
    Make gardening easier on your body and your pocketbook when you employ these smart ideas.
  • Free plants!
    Find out just how simple it is to divide your favorite perennials and spread them around your garden.
  • Attract birds in the spring
    Birds have some unique needs in spring. Learn what they are and how you can keep your garden’s birds happy and healthy.
  • Try this garden idea…
    One last thought to make your garden better.

Garden Ideas Issue 2


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