Garden Ideas Issue 4

In Issue 4 (June 2015)

  • Get loads of easy-care color!
    Natural-looking hardscaping and smart plant choices make this garden look beautiful in every season, but in summer, it’s at its most colorful. Let’s take a tour!
  • How to display your garden art
    These simple ideas can help you choose just the right spot for any garden ornament.
  • A fragrant path
    Transform a boring narrow side yard into a space filled with sights and scents you’ll love. Our exclusive plan — with only six plants! — can help.
  • Create the perfect backyard getaway
    Reimagine an aging deck to design a living and dining space that beckons you outdoors!
  • Great ideas for paths
    If a path project is in your future, check out our guide to materials — from pros and cons to how-to information and clever design tips.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Create this clever long-lasting tablescape for your patio.

Garden Ideas Issue 4


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