Garden Ideas Issue 6

In Issue 6 (October 2015)

  • A colorful corner garden
    This splashy garden makes a dramatic first impression.
  • Custom containers
    Try these two budget-friendly creations to show off your favorite plants.
  • The eclectic backyard
    If you thought you couldn’t define your garden’s style, check out this one — you might be surprised!
  • Favorite floors
    What’s underfoot is just as important to any garden room as the plants and other surroundings. Learn the relative benefits of many different options.
  • Party perfect
    Here are five ways to make your next outdoor gathering more comfortable and fun!
  • Enticing islands
    Invite visitors to explore your garden’s textures and fragrances with this pretty garden plan.
  • Hide and seek
    Every garden has a few necessities that you’d rather not call attention to. We’ll share some tips to help you hide stark fences and utilities.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Decorate with colorful squash!

Garden Ideas Issue 6


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