Garden Ideas Issue 9

In Issue 9 (April 2016)

  • Welcome Home
    Looking for a little inspiration? These great ideas will turn your front yard into a front garden!
  • Step up to an inviting entrance
    Turn even a tiny space into a colorful beacon with these 10 easy-care plants and our exclusive planting design.
  • A restful retreat
    Who doesn’t dream of swinging away a summer evening chatting with a friend or gazing at the stars? Here’s how to make that dream a reality in your garden.
  • 23 ways to garden greener
    These earth-friendly strategies will make your garden a better place for you and the wildlife that visit.
  • Mix colors like a pro
    Check out three easy color schemes that’ll look great around any garden seating area.
  • Drought-tolerant perennials
    Save yourself some struggles by growing plants that don’t beg for water when summer hits full swing. Here are six great options.
  • Beneficial insects
    Meet five helpful bugs you’ll want to recruit.
  • Damaging insects
    Get a handle on these seven nasty pests before they do too much damage to your garden.
  • Try this garden idea…
    This built-in seating area is a must-see!

Garden Ideas Issue 9


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