Garden Ideas Issue 13

In Issue 13 (December 2016)

  • Just the Right Size
    You might be surprised by how much you can do in a small space. Check out these creative ideas!
  • Vibrant Townhouse Courtyard
    Just 10 plants can transform a blank slate into a welcoming garden. Our exclusive plan does just that.
  • Make a Hanging Shelf
    Upcycle a pallet into a charming (and useful) accessory for your patio.
  • 16 Ways to Garden Greener
    Use these smart low-environmental-impact ideas to get the beautiful results you want.
  • In Good Shape
    Here’s how to blend plant shapes and architectural elements into a corner garden that’ll really grab visitors’ attention.
  • Repetition
    Repeating yourself is actually a good thing in the garden. We’ll show you how designers use this principle to achieve unity.
  • Clean & Store Containers
    Well-made containers are an investment. Ensure yours look good for years when you follow these winter preparation tips.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Add color to your garden in every season.
  • Spring Crocus
    Plant a carpet of these late-winter beauties for a cool-weather pick-me-up.
  • Problem-Solving Plants
    Have a tough garden spot? One of these plants might just be the answer!
  • Cape Daisy
    These cheerful cool-weather-loving flowers come in almost any color you can think of!
  • Fall Guide
    Take good care of your trees and shrubs this fall and they’ll reward you in every season. Here’s how.
  • Winter Sampler
    Even gardeners in cold climates can enjoy containers a bit longer with this hardy evergreen combo.

Garden Ideas Issue 13


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