Garden Ideas Issue 14

In Issue 14 (February 2017)

  • Layers of blooms
    Dappled sunlight, a cool breeze, the faint, enticing scent of spring…it’s yours to enjoy with a stroll through a woodland garden.
  • Play with pattern
    Repeating shapes makes a garden more comfortable. Varying color, texture and size makes it more interesting. We’ll show you how to merge these two approaches.
  • Edibles
    Save money and get the most out of your garden with these tips for growing fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables.
  • A simple cold frame
    Can’t wait to start your plants in spring? This project will help you get a head start.
  • Fairy gardens
    Whimsical. Charming. Irresistible. Our three exclusive plans can help you create your own miniature landscape.
  • On the cutting edge
    We’ll show you a no-cost way to add a crisp garden edge as well as explore several other options to add to your garden’s appeal.
  • Sharpen your focus
    A well-placed focal point can transform a garden from OK to stunning. Learn how to choose and site these important elements.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Support plants with what you have!
  • Alliums
    Few plants have more impact than these giant globes in spring. Here’s what you need to know to grow them.
  • Moss phlox
    Guarantee a carpet of color in spring with this tough, attention-getting ground cover
  • Pathside perfection
    Add interest to your walks with these low-growing beauties.
  • Elegant backyard border
    Create a great-looking garden in part shade with our exclusive easy care plan.
  • Natural charm
    Here’s a container garden plan that’ll look good in spring and beyond.

Garden Ideas Issue 14


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