Garden Ideas Issue 16

In Issue 16 (June 2017)

  • Easy-care courtyard
    You’d never know this serene getaway is next to a busy street. Let’s take a tour.
  • Great ideas for gates
    Here are four gate styles that might be perfect for your garden.
  • Make a living work of art
    When your friends see this beautiful project hanging in your garden, you may find yourself fielding requests for more!
  • Dramatic deck
    Considering a deck makeover? Here are three ideas that will fit any budget or style.
  • Sense of personal style
    Explore these different garden looks — you may be inspired to take your garden in a new direction!
  • 9 smart tool tips
    Save time and money with this reader-shared tool advice.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Create these clever ornaments.
  • Garden phlox
    This fragrant summer beauty may have more variety to off er than you knew. Take a look!
  • Quick-growing vines
    Add long-lasting color at eye level with these bright-colored flowers.
  • Coral bells
    You can’t beat this pretty perennial for multiseason appeal in sun or shade.
  • Dark & light
    Here’s a container planting with a new take on pink. Give it a try!

Garden Ideas Issue 16


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