Garden Ideas Issue 18

In Issue 18 (October 2017)

  • Warmth from fall foliage
    Let pretty foliage and elegant hardscaping elements take your garden gently from summer through fall.
  • Curb appeal
    Dress up the dry area along your driveway with this heat-loving garden plan.
  • Harvest tips
    Fall gardens off er an abundance of flowers and food. Make the most of it with our tips.
  • Backyard getaways
    Create a tranquil backyard escape using these tips for low-care getaways.
  • Simple division
    Learn the secrets to dividing your favorite perennials.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Make your entry an autumn standout.
  • Garden mum
    Plant garden mums to splash color across your garden every autumn. And use our tips to help them come back reliably every year — no replanting required!
  • Autumn blooms
    There are more fall-blooming perennials than you might think. Meet five of our favorites here!
  • Seasonal berries
    No garden should be without a few of these jewels of the autumn garden.
  • Autumn foliage
    Fall is the time for colorful foliage. We’ll share something for every garden, large or small!
  • Fall is for planting
    Our tips will make sure new plants survive their first winter.
  • Fantastic foliage
    This timeless container combo looks great all year, but fall is its time to shine.

Garden Ideas Issue 18


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