Garden Ideas Issue 19

In Issue 19 (December 2017)

  • Add style to your entryway
    Learn how a garden around your front door can make a great first impression.
  • Relax in your own retreat
    Discover essential elements in the most inviting backyard getaways.
  • Scaled-down gardens
    Small spaces can still be big on style and impact. We’ll show you the secrets.
  • Decks & patios
    Gather ideas for making your deck or patio a place where you and friends love to spend morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Escape to your own backyard
    Ready to plant but not sure where to begin? Our exclusive 10-plant plan can help!
  • Garden ornaments
    A well-chosen and well-placed ornament can take a garden from good to great. Learn the tips here.
  • Zen bench
    Everyone will wonder where you bought this unique bench. You can proudly tell them you made it yourself! Check out our step-by-step plan.
  • Try this garden idea…
    Upcycle architectural salvage pieces for charming outdoor decor.
  • Hardy geranium
    This versatile perennial deserves a home in every garden. See some of your options and learn how to grow it here.
  • Wild attraction
    Meet 12 pretty plants guaranteed to bring in butterflies and birds.
  • Combine colors like pros
    Tweak some of your favorite color combinations to achieve different effects.
  • Container full of color
    Add life to a dull winter garden with this striking container design.

Garden Ideas Issue 19


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