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  • Drought-tolerant gardens
        • Drumstick flower
              • Drumstick scabious
                    • Dry wells under waterspouts
                          • Dryas
                                  • octopetala (mountain avens)
                                  • Dryer vents
                                        • Drying
                                              • Dryopteris
                                                      • erythrosora (autumn fern)
                                                        • filix--mas (male fern)
                                                            • sweetheart story garden
                                                          • pseudofilix-mas (Mexican male fern)
                                                              • top pick for dry shade
                                                            • spp. (shield fern)
                                                              • wallichiana (wood fern)
                                                              • Duchesnea
                                                                    • Dumb cane
                                                                          • Dunn Chace, Teri
                                                                                • Dusty miller
                                                                                      • Dutch elm disease
                                                                                            • Dutchman's breeches
                                                                                                    • top pick for spring color