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  • Empress tree
        • Endres, Scott
              • Endymion
                      • hispanicus (Spanish bluebells)
                      • English garden
                            • Enkianthus
                                    • campanulatus (redvein enkianthus)
                                    • Ensete
                                            • maurelii (red Abyssinian banana)
                                              • ventricosum (Ethiopian banana)
                                                  • starting from seed
                                              • Entertaining
                                                      • side yard gardens and
                                                      • Entomophily
                                                            • Entry gardens
                                                                    • Entryways and specimen plants
                                                                          • Environmental issues
                                                                                  • earth-friendly gardening
                                                                                    • green" gardens
                                                                                      • shade the air conditioner
                                                                                      • Eomecon
                                                                                              • chionantha (Chinese bloodroot)
                                                                                              • Ephedra
                                                                                                      • distachya (joint fir)
                                                                                                      • Ephemerals, spring