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  • Omphalodes
          • cappadocica
            • spp. (navelwort)
                • evergreen alpine
                • long-blooming annual alpine
            • Onion
                  • Onion grass
                        • Onoclea
                                • sensibilis (sensitive fern)
                                • Ophiopogon
                                        • planiscapus (black mondo grass)
                                        • Opuntia
                                                • autranriaca
                                                  • clavata (devil cholla)
                                                    • imbricata (tree cholla)
                                                      • kleiniae (Klein's cholla)
                                                        • polyacantha (prickly pear)
                                                          • spp. (prickly pear)
                                                            • whipplei (Whipple cholla)
                                                            • Orach
                                                                  • Oranges for indoors
                                                                        • Orchid
                                                                                • Orchid pot
                                                                                      • Orchid, Chinese ground
                                                                                            • Orchid, lady's slipper
                                                                                                    • Orchid, moth
                                                                                                            • Orchid, poor man's