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  • Poa
        • Pocket gopher, pest watch
              • Pocket liners
                    • Pocketbook plant
                          • Podophyllum
                                  • peltatum (mayapple)
                                  • Poinsettia
                                        • Poison hemlock
                                              • Poison ivy
                                                    • Poisonous plants dangerous to pets
                                                          • Pokeweed
                                                                • Polanisia
                                                                        • dodecandra (Redwhisker clammyweed)
                                                                        • Pole bean
                                                                              • Pole saw, 3-in-1
                                                                                    • Polemonium
                                                                                            • boreale
                                                                                              • caeruleum (Jacob's ladder)
                                                                                                • pauciflorum
                                                                                                  • reptans
                                                                                                    • spp. (Jacob's ladder)
                                                                                                      • yezoense
                                                                                                        • yezoense hidakanum