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From Big to Small, Hostas Have It All

…the space you have, it’s a good choice. While the American Hosta Society has defined size classifications for hostas, these focus on the leaf for show purposes—not …left. Now let’s find out which of these extreme hostas may become your new favorite! ‘Northern Exposure’ Hosta Hosta hybrid Perennial Blooms Lavender, purple or white from spring to…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 123
June 2015
Hostas That Brighten Shade

…with colorful hostas. These include variegated hostas with edging or mottling in shades of cream, silver, gold and chartreuse. There are also hostas with yellow leaves and hostas with blue …twice as wide as the diameter of the root ball. Water newly planted hostas generously. Hostas like a fairly heavy well-drained soil. If you have sandy soil, …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 2
April 1995
'Paul's Glory' Hosta

… zones 3 to 8 Heat: AHS zones 9 to 2 t’s a shame a plant can only win the American Hosta Society Hosta of the Year award once. ‘Paul’s Glory’ was the 1999 winner, but in …keep them wellwatered, especially the first year as they establish their root system. I like hostas’ leaf color and texture, so I usually cut off the flower stalks. This doesn’t …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 59
October 2004
12 Great Hostas

… swoop down the leaf from stem to tip for a simple, sophisticated-looking hosta. Rub a blue hosta leaf with your thumb and Foliage size forefinger and you’ll 15 in… large varieties, ‘Sagae’ is slow to reach its mature size. This hosta was formerly known as Hosta fluctuans ‘Variegated’ so you might see it listed that way occasionally. ‘Revolution…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 71
October 2006
'Liberty' Hosta

…way to keep your shade garden looking fabulous! ® 2 ft. 1 ft. 0 ’Liberty’ hosta Hosta hybrid Type Light Soil Pests Size Perennial Part shade Moist, well-drained Occasional…. wide; cold-hardy in USDA zones 3 to 7, heat-tolerant in AHS zones 7 to 1 B Hosta Hosta ‘Liberty’ See information above left C Browallia Browallia speciosa Tender perennial; …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 108
December 2012
The secret to gorgeous hostas anywhere

…A good rule of thumb is to give your hostas 1 inch of water a week during the growing season. COOL NIGHTS = BIG HOSTAS Hostas really like cool nights, which is why you… grow them to their fullest potential. If you live where hostas struggle, look for cultivars that have Hosta plantaginea or H. ventricosa in their parentage. These two species produce…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 110
April 2013
Little Hostas: Know and Grow These Gems

… Shadrack Garden authors and photographers Botanical Names Hosta Hosta spp. and hybrids ike and Kathy Shadrack have been growing hostas on their tree-fi lled…R D E N G A T E 9 SHARED WISDOM continued Growing tips for great hostas F   Botanical Names Hosta Hosta spp. and hybrids or the most part, growing little hostas is as easy as gardening…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 134
April 2017
Questions & Answers

… so that the unsightly stubs are short enough to be hidden under the hosta leaves. ® 39 No 9 G A R D E N G AT E June 1996 Questions & Answers Chameleon roses Slimy birdbath … shade-loving, flowering shrubs, such as rhododendrons or hydrangeas, and perennials, such as hostas and ferns, to cover the tree’s knobby knees. And don’t forget to tuck …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 9
June 1996
Questions & Answers

… save you future heartache. ® No 21 38 June 1998 G A R D E N G AT E Hosta from seed What is the trick to growing hosta from seed? I’d like to save money by raising my own… Tony Avent, president of Plant Delights nursery in North Carolina, has propagated thousands of hostas from seed and has some tips to share. Q A First, you need to know that…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 21
June 1998
Questions & Answers

Snail Questions & Answers Saving thyme Hosta help I’m having a problem with my hostas and don’t know if it’s a disease or a bug. The leaves have long, white, transparent spots … sounds as if you’ve come across the bane of many hosta growers: slugs. Both slugs and snails seem to love hostas. One symptom is the holes you described. Sometimes they’re…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 26
April 1999
Reader Tips

…, eggplant or pepper seedlings. Then Peggy covered the con- Competitive edge for hostas Andrew Lietzow, Iowa Gardeners know it’s hard to grow anything under trees …don’t mind a little more moisture, like ‘Whirlwind’ and ‘Daydream’. The pots protected the hostas from the thirsty tree roots, and the plants grew beautifully. Curtain call Krystyna…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 68
April 2006
Did You Know?

… garden’s Web site at plasticpots.shtml. Hosta virus X It may sound like a movie spy, but hosta virus X (HVX) is a serious concern. This disease is difficult to spot…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 70
August 2006
New Plants for 2008

…Size APRIL 2008 / Issue 80 G A R D e N G AT e ‘Roy Klehm’ hosta Hosta hybrid If you have shade, you’ll want this hosta. It’s just as easy to care for as others… What’s new? Newvariegationanda  moreuprighthabitthan  otherhostas Nothing beats asters for fall color. This new hybrid supplies plenty. A sport …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 80
April 2008
Ask Garden Gate

… viable for more than 50 years. FAVORITE CONDITIONS Full sun is Help for haildamaged hosta Margaret Cullen, Minnesota where you’ll usually find velvetleaf growing, but it’ll grow … all summer. That means you’ll find seedlings from spring well into fall. ® My hosta garden was hit by a bad hail storm. How can I help my severely damaged plants? …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 82
August 2008
Ask Garden Gate

…with soil instead of concrete, and tamp firmly. Shrinking hosta James Thomas, Massachusetts This year, all the leaves on my hostas are smaller than when I planted them last year. Why did they shrink? First, make sure your hostas are planted in conditions they like: Morning sun and afternoon shade. They do …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 87
June 2009
Ask Garden Gate

…to 8, heat-tolerant in AHS zones 8 to 1 Q A 46 APRIL 2010 / ISSUE 92 G A R D E N G AT E Hot hostas Dee Troxell, AZ Deadhead at least some of the flowers when they’re …’s the lack of a cold dormancy. Unlike tropical plants, such as palms or philodendrons, hostas need a winter chill. Without it, the plants lose their vigor and slowly decline.…Read More

Garden Gate Issue 92
April 2010
What's New

…for you — free! Click on “Find a Dealer.” at for help. ‘Tropical Storm’ Hosta ‘Tropical Storm’ isn’t too big or too small — it’s just right. At 8 to 10 … 3 to 9 and heat-tolerant in AHS zones 9 to 1. Bottom line This cool new variegated hosta is perfect for your shade garden — big or small. Source Naylor Creek Nursery at …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 93
June 2010
Ask Garden Gate

…several stages of color at the same time on the same plant. Hail hostas! Max Atilano, Missouri Q A My hostas have been shredded by hail. What can I do? If all you have left…the hail damage still shows, but the plant looks pretty good. By late summer the hosta had put out new leaves and looked pretty good . Shady herbs Jo Mayer, Alabama Q A …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 104
April 2012
Great Day in the Shade!

… Shade! P   Botanical Names Coral bells Heuchera hybrids Daylily Hemerocallis hybrids Hosta Hosta hybrids Japanese maple Acer palmatum Lungwort Pulmonaria spp. and …the larger-leafed hostas. G A R D E N G AT E 37 MORE DESIGN TIPS R   Botanical Names Bigleaf hydrangea Hydrangea macrophylla Hosta Hosta hybrids White …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 105
June 2012
Reader Tips

…Nancy Larsen, Alaska Early one spring, Nancy noticed it was time to divide her hostas (Hosta spp. and hybrids) before their new leaves unfurled any more. But by the time Nancy… divide. Nancy removed the wrap as soon as she finished to prevent burning the hostas in bright sun. Discount stores usually sell mini LED or halogen flashlights for a few …Read More

Garden Gate Issue 110
April 2013